Capture your life in 360°

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Capture your life in 360°

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A new era of photography. Capture amazing photos, videos & 360° Panoramas with a single tap.

Watch your iPhone dance - it’s magic. Just put your iPhone 5/5s on a table and watch it rotating by itself.

Say Hello to Augmented reality! Walk through recorded panoramas just by turning your self in different directions. It's like to be self there.

Don't be the missing piece
in photos you capture.

Just select Timer Cam and twister will do the rest for you.

Control your camera with your voice. Take Photo or Panorama just by saying "Go". You can also say "Cheese", "Vamos", or "Yalla".

Why so shy? Share a single or even multiple photos, videos and panoramas via email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.


We are a team of photographers, designers, developers with different ages and nationalities. We all are so different, but we all love photography and we all have a mission, which is to create the best photography application across all operating system and devices with the time. While you are reading this text we are working hardly on the next version which is hopefully more stable and has more and better features.


We all love capturing moments of our life through photos and videos. Our mission is to bring photography to the next level by providing new ways like 360° panorama, more sophisticated editing options and much easier ways to share those moments with people we love.


Jadoos Inc.
440 N. Wolfe Rd.
Sunnyvale, CA 94085